Legal Fund Donations

The Notice of Intent to sue has now been officially served on the State’s Attorney, Mayor of Panama City, and the Mayor of Parker. This must remain in effect for 180 days because it involves sexual discrimination against a transgender female. After the 180 days the suit will proceed in the US Northern District Court in Panama City, Florida.

In 2007 Erica was targeted as a transgender business owner and her life was destroyed with false arrests and a wrongful conviction which was overturned in the court of appeals on November 22, 2010. She is filing a historically relevant case in the fight for transgender rights and equality.

Retaliation has already begun by the Parker Detective Aaron Wilson pursing her arrest on a warrant which shouldn’t even exist. It is our belief that the warrant has been intentionally left in place with their full knowledge even though the conviction was overturned. At this time Ms. Kay is unavailable to travel for fear of another false arrest. This same Parker Police Detective is included in another lawsuit brought by another business owner. Historically, he has a reputation for lying in order to arrest by creating fraudelent cases. He was fired by the sherrif’s office prior to being hired by the Parker Police for lying to a judge in order to gain a warrant.

  • (UPDATE):  The warrant was officially lifted by Judge Elijah Smiley and the case was officially closed thanks to my incredibly dedicated attorney Kevin Alvarez. I am now free to travel and live without fear. Finally, I am able to get on with my life and this feels wonderful.
  • On February 23, 2013 My lawsuit was officially filed in the Northern District Federal Court, Panama City, Florida.

We are currently working to bring into fruition THE FOUNDATION FOR INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE, a Human Rights 501C3 non profit organization. Our first and main goal is to create and build safe loving foster homes for our homeless LGBT youth in the United States. The second goal of our foundation is to advocate for the rights of transgenders’ around the world through an educational program and to meet with the heads of states to promote legal protections. We are also dedicated to advocating and lobbying for a true human rights amendment to the US Constitution to guarantee the legal rights of all citizens including the LGBT citizens in the United States.

Donations are welcomed and may be sent to: The Foundation For International Justice beginning June of 2013. We are currently in the process of filing the legal documents for the foundation and once everything is in place we will post all information.

Thank you all for the kind support through visiting this site. Please feel free to leave your comments.


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