Foundation For International Justice

The Foundation is being formed as an international human rights organization to assist in ending the discrimination and brutal murders every year against transgenders around the world. Our purpose will be to meet and educate world leaders on the transgender birth condition and the neccessity for legal protections to be placed into law.

Secondly we will find and support legal teams to defend transgenders wrongfully accused of a crime. Our goal is to ensure proper legal representation. Ms. Kay’s own experiences with a judicial system without proper representation and her personal experience with discrimination have spurred her to create this foundation.

Third, we will procure the first safe home for our transgender street youth to provide a loving, safe, home environment with all their necessary needs met, including a healthy diet, the appropriate gender wardrobe, the proper medical care and counseling, and a special education to foster the self esteem of each young person so that they can face their lives with confidence.

It is with both my and David’s heartfelt thanks and gratitude that we say thank you in advance for your kind and generous love and support.

Our Warmest Regards,

David and Erica-Kay Webster


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