2012, The Year of Change

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from David and Erica Kay-Webster

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from David and Erica Kay-Webster

First, I would like to thank all of our wonderful family, friends and supporters for your love, friendship, and best wishes. This has been a year filled with joy, generosity, kindness, new friendships, and love. I would also like to thank my husband David (the greatest man alive), for making my life complete and for keeping me smiling and laughing. I love you! We have witnessed huge advances in equality this past year, and during the election our nation spoke out for equal rights which has cemented the thought in my mind that “Our time has truly come.” We would like to send our congratulations to our incoming Representatives and Senators and thank all of you who poured your hearts and souls into working so hard during this election. David and I will be lobbying in Washington, DC again this upcoming year for a Human Rights Amendment to our Constitution. We encourage you to write to your Representatives and Senators in Washington in support of Federal intervention through this amendment. We will visit with every Representative and Senator who will open their doors to us and we are requesting a meeting with President Obama well in advance. Many of you receive invitations from our civil rights organizations to visit Washington for Lobby Days and many of you go year after year and many of you would love to go but either can’t afford the expense, or your schedule doesn’t allow the time. What many of you don’t know is that you can go anytime throughout the year. Our schedules don’t always work for the pre-scheduled dates of our organizations but you are always welcome in Washington. It’s very easy to arrange a meeting with your Representatives and Senators. Simply google their name and click on their website and then send them a request for a meeting that works with your schedule in either their local office or in Washington. If you can’t go in person still send them an email stating your position on equal rights. Be persistent because they do listen. Another way to get to know them is to join your local political party and attend their functions. 2013 will be a very busy year for us and I will begin a national publicity tour in the spring with radio interviews, print media, and television appearances and a new social media campaign to promote equal rights through the release of my book “Bound Between Love,” and the screenplay for the film. We are grateful that we are receiving a great deal of interest in the production of the film, the book, and our beloved Foundation For International Justice. Over the next couple of months we will be making some exciting and major announcements and would like to send heartfelt thanks to some incredibly wonderful people who also believe that equality is attainable. I would personally like to thank Jennifer Etherton who has been a driving force of my work and a great friend, James Buccelli (CEO Runway), who gave me the time of day and his support, my 2400 Linkedin friends and contacts who encourage me every day, Monica Sun for her friendship and dedication to equal rights, Eileen Koch, Steve and Marsha Friedman at EMSI PR, Rebecca Crowley, Press Agent, Rayhane Sanders and Wayne Kabak at WSK Management in New York City, my civil rights attorney Marie Mattox and her dedicated staff, Kevin Alvarez who finally put an end to the legal injustice I faced, Joanne Kelley and all of our friends at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Barnstable, Hilda Goehring, she’s like a mother and always a dear friend, Robert Isadore and David (my comrade and also a survivor of the Stonewall riots), Bob and Amy Mesirow, our dedicated PFLAG leaders and to all of our friends at PFLAG, Congressman William Keating and Senator Elect Elizabeth Warren, and to my best friends in the world who have always stood by me and provided more support than I ever deserved, Terry and Steve Lemmer, and Bobby and Linda. I would also like to thank all of my professional connections who have taken your valuable time to endorse me and my work publicly on Linkedin. I am pleased to announce that we have now reached every country in the world on this blog as reflected in our site stats, even reaching people who live in countries that promote prosecution and in some cases death for our LGBT brothers and sisters. We would like them to know that we are aware of the intense discrimination they face and we are working as hard and as fast as we can to bring an end to this needless suffering.  It’s our desire to secure equal human rights around the world through our foundation and every effort that we put forth. David and I have assigned our life rights to all of our works to the foundation in perpetuity, so that even after our deaths the Foundation’s work will go on. We love you, appreciate you, and are deeply grateful for your continued support. May the Holidays and the coming year bring you joy, love, respect, and peace.


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