Announcing The Inception of The Foundation For International Justice

Good Morning Dear Family, Friends and Followers,

David and I are proud to announce the inception of my dream for the transgender community and equal rights around the world. I will have the website/blog for the foundation up and running by the end of today. With our fundraising efforts and your support we will hire an attorney to legalize the foundation as a 501c3 Non-Profit organization with a duly elected Board of Directors.

Our foundation has three major goals that I would like to address: First of all, we have young transgenders who have been thrown away by their own families and have been forced to fend for themselves on the streets rather than face the humiliation, beatings, and bullying by the families into which they were born. These young transgenders have dropped out of school and many are choosing suicide. They are putting their very lives at risk everyday and have fallen through the cracks because of the difficulties that transgender youth face every day. They are being denied the life that they should be living. Those who do not choose suicide are faced with living on the streets facing the dangers of starvation, homelessness, and being brutally murdered. Many turn to the sex trade just to find the basic needs of survival, and they are putting themselves at great risk of contracting HIV and AIDS.

Personally, when I was a young transgender I lived on the streets and slept for nights on end on park benches and experienced hunger, and on several instances came close to starvation after surviving on scraps of food. Eventually, I gave in and entered the sex trade just to survive every day. I am one of the fortunate ones because I found the love and support of an incredible married couple in NYC who came to my aid and provided a loving supportive home for me. In that loving environment I was fed, clothed, sheltered, given a job in the family restaurant, and the medical care to transition with surgery at 17 years old. This came only after two failed suicide attempts. It is because of their love and support that I have succeeded in life.

It has always been my dream to assist the youth of our transgender community who have also been thrown away because they were born outside the confines of what many families believe is normal. David and I share the same dream of providing safe homes throughout the United States and around the world for these forgotten and abused youth. Our dream is through these safe houses these young valuable lives will be loved, housed, fed, clothed, provided the proper counseling and medical care, and provided with an education that will foster self-esteem and the promise of a good life. Our goal this year is to procure the first of these homes on Cape Cod and to obtain the proper licensing necessary to create a foster home. We will work with other transgender organizations to identify their needs and to take the first youth off the streets from the cities of Boston, and New York City.

Through the foundation we will be working with a graphic designer, counselors, and medical doctors who are prepared to treat our transgender youth. Educational materials will assist in the education of society on the transgender birth condition. These materials will be sent around the world.

Also, through the foundation we will continue to lobby for true and complete equal rights legislation for all humans including the LGBT citizens of the United States. We will take this mission around the world in meetings with our world leaders to educate and advocate for legal protections to be put into place to stop the brutal transgender murders and genocide of the LGBT community around the world.

We have started a fundraising drive on to get the foundation off the ground. We need your help with our vision and we are asking you to assist us in taking this viral by sending an email with the link to all of your friends who support equal rights and to donate just $1.00 if that’s all you can afford.  Please click on this link to give:

Will you assist us in saving lives? Sometimes it is through the generosity of complete strangers that lives are saved. Please give as generously as possible and more than anything else please help us to take this message around the world.

Our Best and Warmest Regards,

David and Erica Kay-Webster


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