Our Visit To Washington DC

We arrived in Washington, DC on April 16th for our first visit to Senator Scott Brown’s office to a warm welcome and a great meeting. Later that afternoon we were taken on a personal tour of the Capitol by his staff and then given tickets to the Senate and House Galleries.

On Tuesday the 17th we met with Congressman Bill Keating who was appalled at the treatment I received at the hands of the Southern Judicial System. Congressman Keating supports equal rights for all citizens. We were invited to attend breakfast with him the following morning. Later that same afternoon we met with the Judiciary Counsel at Senator Diane Feinstein’s office where I was able to share my personal story as well as the stories of other transgender’s who are at great risk and who are also persecuted in our country as well as the stories of the transgender’s who are brutally murdered around the world each year.

At each meeting I delivered a personal letter outlining our request for civil rights legislation leading to an amendment to the US Constitution. A copy of the letter is on my previous post. We also sat in during sessions at the House and the Senate which was truly an eye-opener and I understand why at this moment is virtually impossible to get anything passed in either place. It is important that we use our voices during the upcoming election and remove the Republican stumbling blocks and replace them with a more reasonable representitive. Let’s take the House and Senate back.

David and I took a mini honeymoon and visited the Outer Banks in North Carolina prior to Washington. Yesterday we arrived on Cape Cod to a wonderful reception of new friends and family members. An official reception is being given in our honor on Saturday, April 28th. It is a undescribable feeling to finally have the love and support of a husband who not only loves me unconditionally but also shares my dream of equality for all. David was born and raised in Barnstable, Massachusetts and as we ventured out today everyone in town knew of our wedding and they also know everything about me and their overwhelming love and support was visible from the moment we met. I am looking forward to the next two months here on the Cape while David and I focus strictly on our writing.

In July we will head to Hollywood to meet with my screenwriter Monica Sun and then return to San Francisco for a few months.

While in Washington I spoke to my attorney’s in Tallahassee and was told that the lawsuit is in the drafting stage and will be filed in the Northern District Federal Court in Panama City, Florida in May. It’s been a long time coming and I am truly grateful to finally be able to have my day in court.


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