I am pleased to announce that I will be in Washington, DC during the week of April 16th for meetings with US Congressman William Keating, 10th Congressional District, Massachusetts and United States Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts. There are other meetings pending confirmation. My incredible, loving and supportive husband David went to great length to schedule the meetings. This trip is the beginning of the promotional tour for The Foundation for International Justice and Bound Between Love, my autobiography. During our meetings we will present our ideas on the need for civil rights legislation to protect the rights of all United States citizens including but not limited to LGBT citizens. We will also be discussing the urgent and extreme need for the protection of all Transgender citizens.

I plan to share my own story and struggle with a corrupt judicial system and speak on why it is so important to implement such protections. Under the Constitution’s fourteenth amendment all citizens are guaranteed equal protection under the law; however, in individual States this is not the case. States that have created laws defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman have intentionally created laws to strip away the Constitutional guarantee of equal rights to a particular group of people who are in the minority.  I will also be sharing the stories of other transgender females whose rights were stripped away while being denied equal protection under the law. I plan to share the stories of Nikki Araguz and Christie Lee Littleton, both from Texas, and J’Noel Gardiner of Kansas. These are all examples of the willful destruction of the right to equal protection under the law.

The purpose of the meetings is to ask for the sponsorship of such legislation. We plan to become visible and returning visitors to Washington until we see the change in the laws.

My own story – as outlined in Bound Between Lovetakes the reader on a journey through my life, beginning with childhood when I knew that I was somehow female and not male at all. It portrays my coming face to face with the truth and choosing to become female at the age of seventeen almost 44 years ago. Life has been far from what anyone would consider normal and the story is filled with struggles, abuse, imprisonment and the final victories along my journey of life. This is the book with a sequel already in the works outlining my legal battles in Florida to end discrimination against transgenders.

What excites me most about Bound Between Love is that my own life struggles can be identified with and related to by a wide segment of audiences – including anyone who for any reason has experienced discrimination, abuse, and grief –  and will help them to find hope and love in the process. The sequel which is yet un-named includes the love story between David and myself.

Changing the subject a bit; the past three months have been somewhat frustrating to say the least. Mars went retrograde at the end of January and I found myself having to say goodbye to my Literary Agent and begin shopping for a new agent. Negotiations and talks slowed to a snail’s pace and then on March 12th Mercury went retrograde creating havoc and holding to the statement that anything that could go awry, would. We had to postpone our major wedding ceremony scheduled for April 14th, as well as hold off on all other decisions until after Mercury goes direct. Fortunately, Mercury goes direct on the 4th of April, and Mars goes direct the 13th of this month.

The great news is that these meetings have been planned for the ideal time for everything to finally be moving forward again. Both David and I expect to have a banner month for great news and success in the endeavors which were stalled. David and I spoke this morning about the cycle of life and both realize that everything that goes down also comes back up. Life is simply a circle.

We are asking you to also let your voices be heard by sending emails to your Senators and Congress-persons in your district to support the efforts of all civil rights organizations who are working tirelessly for this change. Let Washington know that you refuse to settle for less than full, complete, and true equality. One voice joined with the voices of millions of others is the one defense we have against the tyranny of those who desire to keep us oppressed. In silence we suffer needlessly – when we raise our voices together we can create lasting change.

I am also releasing a new publicity campaign later this month to promote our tour and the book. Also, I am now scheduling public appearances and speaking engagements for the next six months. If you would like to schedule an engagement please contact us at 508) 367 – 1636. We will do our best to accommodate your request.





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