Memories of My Near Death

Good Morning Dear Friends,

Married life with David gets better everyday. It’s a joy to have an incredible partner in every avenue of life. We laugh together, we create together, and now we are underway with the work on the screenplay for Bound Between Love. How lucky are the two of us to have finally been brought together. There’s no stopping us now. Today is our second week anniversary as husband and wife.

Yesterday, I received word from Jim Herring, the private investigator for the law offices of Marie Mattox, my civil rights attorney, notifying me that he was finally able to retrieve my entire case file from the public defender’s office. This is another victory.

Last July I began this process of requesting my file with a certified letter to Susan Rogers, my former public defender. That would have included every document I provided to her in preparation for my defense in 2007. I never received a phone call, letter, email, or further communication. Later, I visited the public defender’s office only to find out that Susan was now with the State Attorney’s office as a prosecutor. I requested my file again and again with two more visits to the office of the public defender. At the last visit I spoke to the head of the public defender’s office and he assured me that his staff would find my file, copy it, and provide it to me for the upcoming lawsuit. He gave me his word that I would receive a call from his secretary no later than the following day. After almost two weeks had passed with no phone call or any other communication, I called Marie Mattox’s office and asked them to file a formal request. It was then turned over to Jim Herring.

According to Federal Law under the Freedom of Information Act, I was legally entitled to receive this file and all other documents pertaining to me. Was this another attempt to violate my civil rights? Does anyone think it a bit strange that my former public defender is now with the State Attorney’s Office? Well, I do. I should not have been put off for over 6 months when it is public knowledge that a Notice Of Intent To Sue had already been filed. I think that Panama City officials believe that they themselves are above the law. I will ask for a full federal investigation into the legal practices of Panama City, Florida.

At the end of this month the Notice of Intent to Sue will have run its full course under the legal requirement and now we will be able to move forward with the lawsuit in the Federal Courts. This has been a long and arduous journey and I am looking forward to our day or days in court.

My hat goes off to George and Nick Clooney, Dick Gregory, the congressmen, and all others involved in the recent protest outside the Sudanese Embassy in Washington, DC. Our voices can only be fully heard when we are willing to go the limit for human rights.

The violation of human rights in Uganda is another case where we must become willing to go the distance. Imagine living in a country where you can be put to death for being your authentic self, or to be kidnapped from your own family as a child and forced to participate in the slaughter of innocent human life. The time has come to go the distance and say enough is enough. Human life is valuable and all humans should have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Regardless of how tough times may have been in my own life I cannot imagine the kind of fear that humans are suffering in other parts of the world. This is insanity in its highest form. David and I are willing to go the distance and this is why the Foundation For International Justice is one of our top priorities today.

Through our meditations, prayers, and activism, it is our true desire to bring light and love into our world through kindness and generosity. You may say that I am just one voice and I don’t have the fame of George Clooney, yet I share with you that you can use your own voice just as effectively if you’re willing to go the distance. When we combine our voices to the highest level of refusal to allow the violations of the most basic human rights, our voices will be heard around the world.

Change has never come easily or without sacrifice. We are each other’s keepers and we all hold the responsibility to effect the change we wish to see. For much too long there has been too much of “What’s in it for Me?” Each day David and I wake with the attitude of what can we do or give to another to lighten the load of another human who is struggling at this moment. What can we do to enlighten, contribute to the dignity of another, and encourage another in such positive ways to raise their self-esteem? It is through the realization that all people are divine creations worthy of love, kindness, and generosity. Jim Jensen, the former CEO of Thousand Trails, my mentor and my boss, taught me this: “We will never be truly successful in life until we are willing to bring every human to their highest level of success.” What is success? For me it is the freedom to live without fear and to know that I am a good and valuable human in this journey we call life, where I am free to contribute my talents for the betterment of society as a whole. I choose to do this without judgement as to who is worthy. I believe all are worthy and I walk without the condemnation of another.

The concept of separation is another issue that has been around almost from the beginning of human existence. In my book, A Most Perfect Love, I describe my near death experience and my return to our place of origin. Some of the wisdom which was given to me then has now formed the beliefs I share here. The concepts of condemnation, judgemental-ness, separation, greed, selfishness, sin, and all the way to the belief in death are human taught beliefs which do not exist in our true place. During my time there it wasn’t necessarily the things which were told to me that have had the greatest impact; it was the essence of the purest form of energy in existence. It permeated all that is. It is the energy of all that is which is devoid of all the man-made and taught beliefs – leaving only the one truth. That one truth is unconditional love untainted by mankind. It is that energy which we all seek at every moment of every day in our human lives. Our desire to love and be loved always has been and always will be.  At the innermost recesses of our true being we feel separated from that and that alone. Yet it is available to each of us right here, right now. I begin each day by connecting to what is always available, the Divine Source of all beginnings. We can never truly be separated from it.

The concept of separation has an incredible flaw as do all the other beliefs we so dearly hang onto. That flaw is this; we were created to seek the highest good for all concerned in each situation. When we are not in human form we have the ability to see all outcomes of every situation and we carefully select the one path which will benefit each other for our highest good. In human form we do not have that ability to the same extent. This is why we continue to make errors in our judgements. Fortunately for all of us we have an extremely competent team of spiritual guides, angels, and of course the Divine Energy of ALL THAT IS working on our behalf correcting our human errors. This is why I choose to work towards our ultimate goal without judgement or condemnation. We all make errors and we all need and want to love and to be loved. These are the common bonds which will always remain our one constant.

It is when we remember this that we can come back together and begin to create Heaven on Earth. Love, acceptance, kindness, and generosity for all mankind is our true mission; not the destruction that is made through control and stripping away the rights of all mankind and our Mother Earth. To provide human rights to all persons does not and cannot steal away the rights of another.

Today, let us join together in our bond of love and work towards the creation of all that is for the highest good of all concerned.

I have heard repeatedly that this is a Christian nation from the politicians running for office seeking the vote from those Christians who not long ago believed it was their right to own slaves, and then to deny the basic human rights to women, then blacks. These are the same so-called Christians who believe in the condemnation of other humans whose skin color, race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender normalities differs from their version of some strange form of Christianity.

A question I have frequently asked, is what ever happened to the KKK, and the answer I come up with is that they traded their white robes and hoods for business suits, went on to college, and ran for political office. Today they are are so called conservative right wing who repeatedly run for office to enact their version of unsatisfactory partial equal rights for their select. I say, they pervert the law and openly deny equal protection under the law. They wish to pick and choose and if you don’t fit into their idea of religion then you must go. It is their desire to relegate you to the back seat of the bus and make sure you remain there in silence.

I say this nation is not a Christian nation at all. If it were we would see honest Christian like behaviors from them and we would live in a land free from greed and murder and in a land where all are truly equal. The United States was created for the right of differences in religion and for the protection of those rights from anyone who wanted to judge, condemn, or put some one to death for their beliefs. Today our country is made up of hunderds of religions. Today the US is a land of all religions, races, creeds, and colors. Today we live in a land where we are the blending of all creation, all genders, and sexual orientations. We are the perfect blending of all creation. It will only be when the rights of all are protected equally that we will live in the land of the free.

As a world leader it is our responsibility to begin the change right here first and then take it to the rest of the world through example, not war.

Today we have the choice to become the change we wish to see by simply asking what can we do to lift another human to a higher place? What can I do to bring a bit of joy into the life of another? What can I do to prevent the destruction of more human lives? It is all within our individual power that a lasting change can and will come. This is the NEW EARTH whose time has come.


2 responses to “Memories of My Near Death

  1. It is sad too when we see our own family members believe in those right wing conservatives, the truth of what they preach, not paying attention to what really they are doing or have done in their lives.
    It is hard when I see life so differently than so many of my peers and do not have the gift of debate. You write very well Erica. You make me proud to be a relative of yours. I am not a christian and am not really sure that I believe in a one divine,but it is good to know that you would not care nor try to convert me..for surely in the end we are all left with the same. It is the goodness in our hearts and our actions that truly make the difference. For the here and now is truly what we need to have peace with.

    • Thanks Charlene,

      Well spoken, well said and thanks for the compliment. I have always been proud of you and the integrity to which you live your life. I also would not claim to be a Christian, I am a Unitarian Universalist and in that have found truth from many beliefs and traditions. LOL…………….

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