Key Lime Pie For Two

I am adding a new chapter to my life and of course to the sequel of Bound Between Love.

I hired a new editor who arrived from Cape Cod. He began working with me on my book, assisting me in putting the final touches on Bound Between Love. During the process of working together our business relationship grew into a deeply abiding friendship, and before we both knew it we were head over heels in love.

David and Erica at Engagement Lunch on the Beach Somewhere, USA

David Webster of Hyannis, Massachusetts proposed marriage to me on Valentine’s Day and by now I had no doubt that at age 61 I have finally met my soul mate. David and I will be married on April 14th, 2012 in an undisclosed location, in an intimate ceremony with our closest family members and friends in attendance. It is our desire to have this as our personal day without interference from the media. A formal ceremony is planned with a glorious reception to follow. We will delay our honeymoon until this summer with a trip planned to Lake Louise and Banff in Alberta, Canada.

David and I are planning to make our summer residence on Cape Cod and our permanent residence in California. David is not only an editor but an incredible Author and Screenwriter. His love and support in all areas of my life through his gentle persuasion has encouraged me to continue my human rights work, writing, journalistic pursuits, and acting.

Our Secret Wedding Location Chapel

What is most incredible in our meeting is that David learned every detail about my life while working on my book, so no explanations were necessary. I am happier than I have ever been in my life and I am truly grateful that he has arrived. For many years I searched for love and looked in all the wrong places. This time I wasn’t looking and was quite surprised when he entered my life and fell in love unconditionally. He is my best friend and then everything else.

We have instructed my agent Jennifer Etherton not to release any further information until after our wedding and only then will she release a statement to the press.

Please share in our joy as we begin this new journey in our pursuit of happiness.

We're Going to the Chapel of Love

My Warmest Regards,



2 responses to “MARRIAGE? I DO!!!!! A TRUE LOVE STORY

  1. Congrats Erica, the ring is beautiful and so is the love story. You are a true friend and I do wish you all the happiness in the world. You really do deserve it.

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