Sometime late March or early April I will begin a publicity tour to promote THE FOUNDATION FOR INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE and of course BOUND BETWEEN LOVE, the autobiography and upcoming feature film. This will be a US tour originating in Florida, with stops in major cities across the US including Washington, DC and ending with my final return to California. I am available for television and radio interviews, forums, universities, churches, and schools, and LGBTQI organizations.

This tour will begin on the heels of my Civil Rights Lawsuit moving from a Notice Of Intent to Sue to the filing of the actual suit filing in the Federal Court in Panama City, Florida.

We are already responding to interview and speaking engagement requests in an attempt to organize travel arrangements. Of course I will be traveling with my body-guard and editor David Webster. Please contact my Agent Jennifer Etherton to book early at or call (718) 269 – 5278. There is no charge for engagements at this time but travel expenses and accomodations must be furnished.

Thank you to all of my dear friends, supporters, and fans who have supported me through this entire process. Without your support this would not have been possible. Please welcome my new editor and dear friend David to our family. I am excited to have him on board as he works tiresly to assist me in the completion and final rewrite of Bound Between Love as well as all four of the newest novels underway. This will prove to be an exciting and interesting New Year. David is also completing his novel based on a true life story and has already completed a screenplay based on the his book. In truth we inspire each other to new heights in our vision for a more loving world through the writing and educating process. I can’t be more thrilled to have made a new friend who has accepted me with unconditional love and a strong desire to support me in this sometimes difficult task.

Of course in addition to David we have my Agent Jennifer Etherton, Screenwriter Monica Sun of Shadow Majic Films/20th Century Fox who has taken my story into the Screenwriting program at UCLA under the supervision of Awary Winning Screenwriter Iris Yamishita (Letters From Iwo Jima,) for completion later this spring. We are currently reviewing film offers from major producers and film companies. Once again please contact Jennifer with all considerations.

I am truly grateful for the consideration from one of the top ten producers and directors existing in this world today and we are expecting to see a letter of intent signed before the end of the year to produce and direct this first of its kind Transgender story on the big screen. When this journey began in 1998 I never dreamed that at the end of the nightmare there would be a  rainbow with an overflowing pot of love, respect, and support existing or that my story would garner so much attention around the world. In fact, I was on the verge of giving up many times as the nightmare seemed to worsen yet for some unknown reason I persisted and pushed even harder for the appearance and discovery of the truth. After 15 years the tides turned and the ultimate victory is now visible on the horizon.

During this process I became determined to see all humans treated with the same equality and dedicate the remainder of my life to put an end to discrimination of all forms. All humans have the inherent right to dignity, equality, and the right to be their authentic selves without fear. No human should have to live in constant fear of reprisal because they differ from the majority. They should be free to follow their dreams and establish a successful life. To be denied housing, proper medical care, employment, or face the insane fear of being beaten, executed, or murdered in the year of 2012 should not even be a remote possibility. It is unfathomable that such strong ignorance and hate should still exist in a country which espouses freedom and opportunity. Were we not known around the world as the land of opportunity? Do we not claim to be a World Leader? How can we truly be a world leader and work to stamp out injustice, hate crimes, and discrimination around the world until we ourselves provide the example. I learned early on in life that a true leader leads by example and that we can only manage assets, not people.

As we begin this journey through our US Tour we will speak on the issue of the American Human Rights Act of 2012. Yes, I know it is only a dream at this point, yet it is the one dream I will hold onto until I speak it into existence. Please join with us and make your voices heard in Washington. I appreciate the work that’s been completed in the existing State by State approach taken by our civil rights organizations but until we see the passage and signature ratifying and amending the Constitution  our rights are never truly guaranteed and can be stripped away by any new administration.


I look forward to meeting and speaking with each of you across this envisioned great Union of ours.

Warm Regards,



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