Deeply Saddended By Ignornance

Today I am deeply saddened by the ignorance about the transgender birth condition which still exists in 2012. What amazes me the most are the reports which still come across my desk everyday that supports my belief that extreme ignorance still exists.

Today I received an email from the Transgender Law Center which supports the emails from the previous week. This past week I have received stories of the transgender student in the UK who was suspended for showing up to school in female clothing in an attempt at her desire to be recognized as the female she is. Another story blazoned across the tabloids described a young girl who resigned from the girl scouts because a trans child was allowed to become a member. And the topper for me was the story about a politician in Tennessee for making the comment that transgender’s should be stomped to death if a male to female transgender showed up in the dressing room of his wife to also try on clothes should have the life stomped out of him.

Do we really live in 2012? Are people still this ignorant about a birth condition which still exists? And, the answer is yes.

This ignorance has propelled my desire and determination to open The Foundation For International Justice in March instead of July as originally proposed.

This has been an extremely busy month for me yet I am determined.I recall a time not so very long ago that many believed our black community were less than human and should be owned or pushed to the back of the bus willing to give up their seat to a white person. Come on world it’s time to wake up. We are not sub-human nor do we exist with a mental condition and certainly we are not deviants.

Today within the trans community we have doctors, lawyers, engineers, writers, and an assortment of other professionals who are high achievers working to set a positive picture of trans persons who are living a productive life offering exceptional contributions to our world.

Enough is enough. We will not be placed within your boxes of ignorance. I am one proud woman who happens to be a transgender female that has not only a brain but who is also a beautifully mature woman, and happens to have an incredibly large heart that recognizes the inherent value of all humans.

What a boring world in which we live if we were to find your kind of clone without a brain to think that some humans have less to contribute than you. Actually what is it that you are contributing? Are you contributing love, kindness, understanding and a desire to encourage the growth of all humans.

I say enough is enough and we will not stop until we have achieved our dream of equality for all humans through the passage of a true human rights amendment to the US Constitution.

I will expand every last breath in my human body to see the passage and Presidential signature to this bill. Will you stand with me? If you will then write your comments and follow this site.

I have spent too many years of my life living an “Imitation of Life,” living in the fear of rejection to cave in to any more fear. I will never give up until I see full equality.

May you be blessed with peace this year and the next and always feel the freedom to be who you are.



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