Finally Returning To California

After leaving San Francisco in April of this year to return to Florida to take care of all this old business, I never dreamed that I would be gone for such a long time. I will relocate to Los Angeles in January to be closer to my work on hand. It’s been a busy time with much accomplished and more to come next year.

My actual suit will be filed in the Federal Northern District Court in Panama City at the end of this coming March so I will be traveling between both coasts for a good portion of the year.

Last evening I spoke to Monica Sun who is writing the screenplay for our upcoming feature film. Monica is a person dear to my heart who also relocated to LA this year. With me there as well we will be able to brainstorm. I was quite pleased to find that she’s involved in a screenwriting program at UCLA with the incredible and award-winning screenwriter Iris Yamashita as her instructor. Iris wrote the screenplay for Letters From Iwo Jima, Directed by Clint Eastwood and Steven Spielberg. Monica has taken on the difficult task of recreating my life for film and to know that Ms. Yamashita is there to guide her through the process thrills me. I look forward to catching up to both of them in LA.

I am in the final re-write phase of Bound Between Love, or is it? It seems that over and over again I relive the entire history of my life perfecting grammer, spelling, and finding more interesting ways of creating the actual scenes. In the beginning process it seemed that everything I wrote was of my struggles and it was filled with a deep inner sadness. Through the progression of re-writes I have gone back and included funny and happy stories well-remembered, including major accomplishments considering the difficult times. I feel it’s becoming a very well-balanced story of the life I’ve lived. At the same time I am also returning to my first novel during this chaotic period and am finding it a great escape.

I will truly miss my dear friends Steve, Terry, Linda, Bobby and Faye and will look forward to a reunion in the not to distant future.



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