Here is my Holiday and New Years Wish For All Of You: May all of your dreams and goals be realized in this coming year and on this special holiday, may you be surrounded by all those you love. May this coming year bring you great health and a prosperous year.


Blessings to All

Erica Kay



By writing this blog I realize that by the end of the day I will be ostracized by many equal rights organizations in my own community but I am obligated to not only speak the truth but to ask vitally important questions as a human rights advocate and transgender rights leader.

As a student of Constitutional Law and a living historical figure in the transgender community I have lived in my female role for almost 45 years having transitioned with SRS at the tender age of 17. During my life I witnessed Martin Luther King mobilize an entire minority through his advocacy of the Human Rights Act which was finally signed into law in 1964 and the constitution was amended to reflect those changes making the black community a protected class once and for all. It took one single woman who was arrested for refusing to surrender her seat to a white on a bus which inflamed this community into a full-blown movement. Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King will always be true hero’s for their contributions to equality.

Yet in light of that example the LGBT equal rights organizations have chosen to take on one city, county, and state at a time ignoring this one simple area of constitutional law: No State may make or pass a law contrary to the US Constitution which would choose to discriminate against any protected class. It seems we’ve gotten the cart before the horse and are attempting to enter the back door towards equality. This is not only insane, it’s absurd.

Regardless of the laws passed in any county, city, or state; in truth they mean nothing because they are still vulnerable to attack by voters or new administrations who would disagree with equality. We must remember that we are still a minority which simply means that under this system the majority rules the vote. This cannot be left to voters to decide our fate and we are at a perfect time with the Obama administration to demand our only equal rights and that is through the passage of such an ACT and finally receive the recognition of a protected class status in the US Constitution.

Last week I received an email from Masen Davis, Director of the Transgender Law Center in San Francisco which clearly shows that only 2% of equality organizations are actually working towards the passage of legislature and today only 3% of the LGBT community are active donors in this country. Why should we donate to anything less than true equal rights? We must first become a protected class. I have been advocating this for some time now and whenever I ask this question to these so-called equal rights organizations my questions go un-answered and ignored.

I have come to this simple conclusion: If this Act were signed into law by President Obama there would be little to no need for such organizations. Each person involved with these organizations receives a paycheck and have a vested interest in protecting their jobs as opposed to your well deserved equal rights. Why else would they keep attempting to put the cart before the horse, so to speak? Once this Act is signed into law everything else falls into place. It is your money which is paying those salaries.

I for one am not a second class citizen and I will settle for nothing less than a true Human Rights Act to amend the constitution. I am sitting down on this seat and refusing to give it up. It has cost the LGBT community millions of dollars in contributions with attempts at securing equality and it pains me to say that it is throwing good money after bad away. Even when we have a victory such as the right to marry in California that right was stripped away with Prop 8. The power for equal rights must be taken away from the majority who still believe in discrimination. This will happen repeatedly in every state, city and county until this Act is in place.

The time has come to follow the lead of Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Ghandi, and Nelson Mandela and take our power back. We have become complacent in giving our individual power away to organizations which have become social societies rather than using your money for the true purpose intended.

This morning my inbox was filled with solicitations from 7 of these organizations including those who are refusing to answer my questions? Please don’t misunderstand there has been major work accomplished by some of these organizations through the years but it is not enough. The times and political climate has changed and it’s time to mobilize and unify our efforts into one massive effort to seeing that this ACT is now signed into law. My recommendation is to ask each organization these same questions until one of them is forced to listen to what the people want and pick up the reins to use their political connections to find a Congress Person to write such an Act. The organization who picks up those reins is the one I will not only support financially but will promote to the hilt.


Finally Returning To California

After leaving San Francisco in April of this year to return to Florida to take care of all this old business, I never dreamed that I would be gone for such a long time. I will relocate to Los Angeles in January to be closer to my work on hand. It’s been a busy time with much accomplished and more to come next year.

My actual suit will be filed in the Federal Northern District Court in Panama City at the end of this coming March so I will be traveling between both coasts for a good portion of the year.

Last evening I spoke to Monica Sun who is writing the screenplay for our upcoming feature film. Monica is a person dear to my heart who also relocated to LA this year. With me there as well we will be able to brainstorm. I was quite pleased to find that she’s involved in a screenwriting program at UCLA with the incredible and award-winning screenwriter Iris Yamashita as her instructor. Iris wrote the screenplay for Letters From Iwo Jima, Directed by Clint Eastwood and Steven Spielberg. Monica has taken on the difficult task of recreating my life for film and to know that Ms. Yamashita is there to guide her through the process thrills me. I look forward to catching up to both of them in LA.

I am in the final re-write phase of Bound Between Love, or is it? It seems that over and over again I relive the entire history of my life perfecting grammer, spelling, and finding more interesting ways of creating the actual scenes. In the beginning process it seemed that everything I wrote was of my struggles and it was filled with a deep inner sadness. Through the progression of re-writes I have gone back and included funny and happy stories well-remembered, including major accomplishments considering the difficult times. I feel it’s becoming a very well-balanced story of the life I’ve lived. At the same time I am also returning to my first novel during this chaotic period and am finding it a great escape.

I will truly miss my dear friends Steve, Terry, Linda, Bobby and Faye and will look forward to a reunion in the not to distant future.



This past evening I learned that under the headlines of an obituary website: “People who Died In Florida,” the recent story of my press conference in Panama City appeared which would have led some to believe I died in Florida. I can assure you this is not the case and this morning I am very much alive and kicking. I understand that there are quite a number of people who would love to see me dead since I am uncovering a great deal of corruption and lies in Panama City in preparation for my lawsuit.

This past month I was forced to cancel personal public appearances due to death threats and retreat almost into full hiding. I can no longer post my schedule of appearances but will still make appearances unannounced to the press until this flurry subsides.

This past week I participated in a Town Hall Meeting with the White House sponsored by Equality Florida. It was interesting to say the least. I still have one important question which has gone unanswered by Equality Florida and I think this is a question which every LGBT person should be asking their State Equality organizations: Are you as our representative suggesting to our US Government for a true and complete amendment to the US Constitution?

Each equality organization is a 501C non-profit corporation who over the past years have done a great deal on the State levels to create important change but as reported by the Transgender Law Center in San Francisco this past week only 2 percent are actually working towards passing legislature for the protection of our LGBT community. Each organization is dependent on our contributions to survive. It appears to me that there is no real vested interest in seeing an amendment passed on a Federal Level. If that were to happen then what need would exist for so many of these organizations?

Martin Luther King did not advocate taking on one state at a time. He created a unity amongst the Black community and spurred them on to the actions necessary to have legislation signed to amend the US Constitution. Can you imagine the insane discrimination which would still exist today in States opposed to Equality. Constitutional Law is very clear on this subject. Once a complete Human Rights amendment is in place in our US Constitution no State can pass law contrary to Federal Law. This would prevent every state from creating their own laws allowing discrimination.

Right now the Obama administration has made a commitment to become a world leader regarding the rights of LGBT persons which was made very clear in a recent speech given by Hillary Clinton. I say that now is the time for us to unite and petition Washington to create this amendment and in our united front we can do this from our own individual actions. I am afraid that we have become complacent and have given our power to Equal Rights Organizations to do our job for us. At the rate of one State At A Time we will have states still in the dark ages for generations to come. Yes, it’s true that I am forming the Foundation For International Justice. What makes us different is we are focusing on Washington and World Equality, not one State at a time.

What is not being discussed is that States who pass antidiscrimination laws are not free from further attack as we have seen in California with Prop 8. At every election we are once again threatened with the possibility of having our rights stripped by the reigning administration. This cannot be allowed to continue and it is only by the passage of an amendment to the US Constitution that we can be guaranteed our rights for the future without the fear of them being stripped away.

In Florida, I have sat down in my seat on this bus and refused to give it up. This is the point of my lawsuit and why it’s being filed in Federal Court. This suit involves discrimination and the right to live life without fear. I am not less than and neither are you. I am sending out a plea to everyone who believes in true equality for all humans to rise with me and begin to take action to create the lasting change we wish to see and to not settle for anything less. No one should ever be left vulnerable again.

Our Time Has Come, Let Us Join Together and Take OUR Stand and Take Our Power Back For Lasting Equality!!!!!!

Unite your own communities, form your own marches, write your own petitions to Washington, have one day when you don’t shop in the name of Equality or anything you can imagine to get the point across that we will accept nothing but full equality. Get involved on a national level and tell your State organizations that you will not support them financially unless they take the same stand for lasting change. We can accomplish this change only through Washington. I will be going to Washington very soon to begin a lobbying campaign. Personally I am tired of shedding tears at the reading of the names of our fallen transgender’s around the world every year or another story of a child taking their life due to bullying. How many Gay’s or Lesbians must be beaten, attacked, or killed. At 61 I have nothing to lose by speaking the truth and shouting it from my rooftop.

 I may not be dead yet as reported but that time will eventually come and when it does I will not lay on my deathbed wishing I would have, could have, or should have.