Most Interesting of Days, Won a Battle now on to the War!!!!!!!

In much anticipation of the court hearing scheduled for 3:00 pm today I started my day very early with my agent and giving an interview. Today was to be the final closure in my overturned conviction. A news press conference was scheduled and my attorney Kevin Alvarez was to be present. Around lunch time I received a call from Kevin giving me good and bad news. What?????Give me the bad first: “The hearing has been cancelled.” What?????????????Why? Because the State walked the paperwork to the courthouse about two minutes before I called you for the Judge to sign. Okay, now what’s the good news? The case is finally closed, it’s over. Great, but what about our news conference this afternoon at 3:30? Go ahead, I can’t be there. Disappointed but still grateful that this would finally be over Terry and I left to go to the courthouse to retrieve the signed paperwork from the clerk of court a bit early. Once we arrived and went to the clerks office we were informed they didn’t have the paperwork. They sent me to the third floor to the Judges offices. Eventually the Judge Smiley’s secretary came out and told me the hearing was on and basically scolded me for not being at court and insisted that I needed to go to the courtroom. Confused, I told her the hearing had been set for 3:00 pm and that it’s only 2:30 and that I had been told by my attorney that it had been cancelled. Again she scolded me as though I was a child and told me that everything had been changed and the hearing was at 1:00pm and bruskly told me to go to the courtroom. I apologized, and we departed to the second floor and entered the courtroom where all this began in 2007. I motioned ot a sherrif and he came towards me. Upon his arrival I attempted to explain who I was and why I was there only to be told to take a seat in the crowded courtroom while the judge continued to hear felony cases.

Finally after the courtroom had been emptied someone told the Judge that I was there. His response was that my name sounded familiar as he was then reminded that he’d signed the order to close my case officially at 1:00pm. I was then seated and waited for an official signed copy of the order without even an apology for destroying my life. Terry and I left the courtroom.

You must understand that on many instances from 2007 through 2009 every time I entered that courtroom I was arrested on another charge. I became very ill upon entering and asked Terry to go back to the car and use my phone to call Kevin to find out what was going on. He assured her everything was fine but by then my stomach was in knots from the past memories. One more final humiliation and not one word of apology from the court after the destruction of my life.

On the drive to the court I received a call from my agent Jennifer Etherton telling me that she’d received a strange email from WJHG NBC Channel 7 about the scheduled press conference for 3:30. I told her to call them back and assure them it would take place. They had been told that it had been cancelled and the hearing had taken place at 1:00pm. In fact all the journalist’s had been told the same thing. They were the only one fortunately that contacted Jennifer. In case you don’t know this is a major civil rights violation. You cannot keep a person from the press, it’s a constitutional right.

It was later determined that this was another plan devised by the State Attorney to avoid the press and an attempt at circumventing my right to free speech and access to the press.

Panama City just doesn’t get it. Violation of civil rights upon violation, They are digging a deep hole even deeper.

It turned out well and NBC showed up and I gave the interview which aired on the 6:00pm news. It has already gone international and by tomorrow Associated Press and every other news organization should have it on the web.

It’s been a grueling and thankful day. I would like everyone a very happy Thanksgiving. Tomorrow, I will look at all I have to be grateful for and give thanks for all I have especially my friends, family, and supporters through all of this.

Thank You with Much Love,



4 responses to “Most Interesting of Days, Won a Battle now on to the War!!!!!!!

  1. Erica: After the airing of your news piece, I went to the WJHG website to see more of the report and couldn’t so I email the station immediately and said: “On the 5:00 News it was reported that a transgendered woman who was falsely accused of theft who is now suing P.C.D. and other officials, I missed a major portion of the report and went to find it on the WJHG website. Yet everything else reported can be found, this particular story cannot why is that? Just a quick judgement err thought…. is WJHG being impartial? ”

    Needless to say they were quick to reply like in 5 minutes flat….

    I replied to the message via link here:

    Now it just needs approval by whoever does that… Just in case they don’t allow the comment, I said that Bay County needs someone like Erica Kay that represents the silent community of transgendered people who stand in the shadows of others… And that I support Erica Kay in all her efforts.

    – Walleedee

    • Hello,

      I would like to thank you personally for the positive comment which you have also given to WJHG and for your positive support. I am receiving tons of hate mail so it’s really refreshing to hear something positive. Did you happen to read the very ugly and ignorant comments on their website?

      Best Regards,
      Erica Kay

      • Dear Ms.Kay, Yes I have read all of the comments at the WJHG site and the Most Interesting of Days, Won a Battle now on to War! I too have been receiving hate mail from of all who found me just thru my statement to the station. I again posted just this morning at 6:00 AM DST using my my fake name (WaiMii) this is my post:

        “The comments being made are hurtful and makes it hard to see why people are this way. I wish I could have my gender reassigned since I was born with both testicular and ovarian tissue, and having both but ambiguous-looking external genitalia. People with intersex conditions sometimes choose to live exclusively as one sex or the other, using clothing, social cues, genital surgery, and hormone replacement therapy to blend into the sex they identify with more closely. Some people who are intersex are beaten and abused by society just simply because they’re different and because others don’t understand.”

        I strongly believe people are just ignorant and blind when they encounter something they cannot and do not understand. Your a very beautiful woman and gorgeous at that, I would have loved to have known you while you were still living here. As for the ignorance being experienced, this would not happen in Hawaii there I am personally viewed as a Mahuwahine or Third Sex as defined here: . In my faith (Jehovah’s Witness) I also get flak that I dress as a man yet sometimes, not all the time some one might catch a glimpse of my bra through my shirt and the gossip flys from there out of ignorance. I identify as a neutral person that is guided by whats between my ears and not my legs. In closing, may I be bold and forward to say you have my deepest love and support and that you are truly a beautiful soul to be reckoned with.

        If you are a part of the social networking site Facebook you can find me here:

        – Agape, Wally Daniel

      • Good Morning Wally,

        Dear Friend, it is our responsibility to educate an ignorant world. It grieves me that in 2011 we still live in a world filled with such ignorance, yet as in all change it takes time. As you can see from my website my life is dedicated to this change. I have been given a great gift as painful as it is sometimes.

        I understand your pain and the torment of abuse that you’ve also endured. Throughout history us third sex persons have been both revered and hated. I truly believe we are on the cusp of a great evolution and that as “Transgender and Intersex persons we are an integral element in this evolution of mankind. Throughout history, Jews, Blacks, Irish, Muslims, Hindu’s, Japanese, LGBT persons, and a list too long to mention all I will use the example of our black brothers and sisters to state my case. Most recently in our country it wasn’t long ago that these same people believed that blacks were inferior to the white race. In my life at 61 I lived through and can bare witness to the atrocities they endured before the civil rights movement. It took a leader Martin Luther King and one lone woman who refused to give up her seat on the bus to ignite the black community to full action with the statement “Enough is Enough.” How many were wrongfully prosecuted, convicted, beaten, hung, dismembered, and held prisoner in a society that deemed them inferior. As a 14 year old moving from California to Georgia I remember the restaurants who refused to serve them, the water fountains and restrooms that were marked with signs “White’s Only.” During our journey through the South I prefered to go hungry rather than eat in a restaurant marking them as a white only establishment. The ignorance of that time created a belief that their genetics created lazy, stupid, dirty humans who were inferior and because of this the white race should either own them as slaves and later keep them in demeaning jobs for little to no pay. Let us look at the ignorane of that belief. Today we have our first black president, and the overall community has proven that that old belief was incorrect through their determination to excel and step out of the box which society kept them in to become Doctors, Lawyers, Scientist’s, Writers, Journalist’s and the list goes on and on.

        We are on the verge of opening the beliefs of others and I would like to state the importance of how we go about doing that: this must be done not by attack or anger, it is imperitive that we also have tolerence for ignorance and use the gentleness within to educate those still living in the dark ages of their old beliefs. For example, I was diagnosed with Klienfelter’s Syndrome at 17 and most recently it was discovered through DNA testing that I am a human chimera containing two distinct sets of DNA. There is not just male and female formed during inception but a multitude of variations yet to be discovered. As we know the Native Americans also reveared those born with both genders.

        Thanks for your friendship and support. Together we can educate and create a lasting change for our children of the future. Every year around the world transpersons are still being brutally murdered due to this ignorance that is why I am determined to create The Foundation For International Justice whose purpose will be to provide accurate scientific research and educational materials around the world and to come to the aid of those being targeted by hate crimes. I use the term transgender as a broad spectrum word to cover the many genetic differences. I am following the leadership of Martin Luther King. Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi. Peaceful yet strong in determination.

        Also, I would like to stay and touch and maybe one day we can meet in person. i have connected to on Facebook. Bound Between Love the book and upcoming feature film are both currently being optioned and according to my agent should be available in the the spring of 2013.

        Please stay in touch.


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