This evening I received a call from Kevin Alvarez my attorney representing me in the criminal case to inform me that today the State conceded admitting they were in the wrong. Our hearing is still set for tomorrow at 3:00 pm. Yesterday I reported it to be at 3:30, sorry for the misinformation. The State Attorney’s office will not be present at the hearing so it will take just a few minutes to have the Motions to officially Close the Case signed by Judge Elijah Smiley.

Also today the invitations went out to the press announcing the press conference. We are prepared assuming they show up this time around. Regardless, I have given a personal interview that will be on the newswire tomorrow night. Let’s hope that they do show up and report the actual true story from my prepared statement to the press. My attorney has also prepared a statement.

Today has been a rollercoaster ride. I began my early morning schedule under verbal attack from a transphobic individual screaming obscenities at me because of gossip that she’s heard regarding this entire situation. The whole crazy scene drained me physically and emotionally. Yet the day has ended on a high note with incredibly good news. Finally, after 4 years I have won a major victory. It is also clear that their concession and the fact that they have admitted their mistake and misuse of the law will assist in the upcoming law suit. Please don’t misunderstand it’s still an uphill battle. We have won this battle but the war is far from over with. I must hold onto my belief that the “Truth Wins Out.”

Tomorrow night I will post the details of everything the day brings forth. My best to all my friends, family, and supporters.



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