Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance honoring and remembering all of our fallen due to discrimination and hate around the world. As I read the list of names and how each one has been brutally murdered I shed powerful tears coming from a deep sadness. I have personally known two of the individuals on this years list of names. These were vital young lives taken due to hate and extreme ignorance. Murder of any sort affects family, friends, in addition to the life of each person yet touches the lives of many others. Most murders occur for other reasons. The murders of trans persons happen as hate crimes and usually for no other reason. Many are dismembered after indescribable torture.

All of this for a birth condition that so many are still ignorant of. Usually, I am present at service in one part of the world or another. Today, I was scheduled to be in San Francisco to speak at a service yet had to cancel due to the death threat which could have caused pain and suffering to others. This is insane.

I am angry and deeply saddened by the injustice of an ignorant world we still live in. In fact I am so angry that I am shouting out to you and asking you to shout with me. This past year there have been great strides made in the laws to protect the rights of trans persons in this country, yet there are countries who still allow this type of brutal and insane murders to take place without punishment. We are still not safe. Next year I could be one of the names on the list and this angers me even more. Not only am I a target as a transgender I am an even greater target as an activist who refuses to be silent. Instead of being a participant in a service this year I have been moved to a safer environment for my protection. It has become necessary once again to hire personal security whenever I travel or make an appearance.

Please join me in shouting out ” ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.” We are an integral element in the evolution of mankind and deserve to live our lives free from fear and the pain of discrimination. Shout it from your roof tops, tweet it, and post it on your Facebook pages.

This coming Wednesday I will be attending a hearing at the Panama City Courthouse to finally have my case officially closed one year and one day after the Court of Appeals overturned my conviction. Through this process I was threatened with another false arrest, lived under another death threat by a witness in the case, had my business stolen, and my life destroyed. All of this stemmed from the tabloids who called me everything but the black widow just to sell their rag.I will be arriving with friends, my attorney, and a security team to assure my protection. This is really sad and honestly I am so angry I don’t feel fear. We are holding a press conference on the steps of the courthouse once the hearing ends. My attorney Kevin Alvarez confirmed today that he is ready to kick some butt after witnessing what I have been put through during this ordeal. My civil rights attorney Marie Mattox and her team of 6 attorneys in total who are working on my lawsuit also are prepared to speak out.

My dear friend and literary agent Jennifer Etherton sent me an email regarding the death threat stated that this is a part of attempting to create true and lasting change. Historically, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby were all assassinated for attempting to end discrimination. They were shouting out.

Tonight I am with my closet friends in a private service lighting our candles for the lives that were candles in the wind blown out before their time. I am sad and angry.



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