Death Threat Being Taken Seriously

Today I received the third death threat stating specifically that I was to be killed in San Francisco this weekend. I am sorry but I am no longer posting my schedule for appearances and am hiring a top security company out of Miami to protect me on this last publicized appearance. It’s gettin a bit crazy and I’m not sure how to handle all of this. Please forgive me for keeping many things quiet at the moment.

I refuse to miss this important appearance and am sending security ahead, during, and after to assure my safe return to my undisclosed location.

I have already begun to write the sequel to Bound Between Love, Part II. All I can say at the moment is my life is sure interesting and the work I’m doing is drawing much attention including the kind I really don’t want.

Hopefully when this suit is filed after the Notice of Intent to Sue has run its course maybe I can finally get some lasting peace.

I will not be silenced………………………………………….


2 responses to “Death Threat Being Taken Seriously

  1. Hey Erica…Bob here in PC..Sorry people in this world cannot except as a human being..frankly I beleive they are afraid of their own inter feelings.

    • Thanks Bob for the positive support. We have no control over the feelings of others or their hate and I do have control over how I let it affect me. I choose to remain focused from a positive place and stand proud of the human I have become thanks to the support of those who I surround myself with. Namaste

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