Hearing Set for November 23rd!!!!

This is my second post today after an insane schedule for the past three weeks from not having a moment to post. This is an important update which will finally bring some closure to my false arrest and conviction.

A hearing date has finally been set for the official closing of my case after it was overturned a year ago. In fact it will be exactly one year and one day after the decision was issued by the Appeals Court reversing the lower court. Many questions have arisen during this process, especially why did it take this long and why did I have to live in fear of another false arrest for probation violation on a case which had been overturned? Can the failure on the part of the State’s Attorney or Detective Arron Wilson who called my attorney after he was served with the Notice of Intent to Sue who threatened another false arrest be allowed to go without learning that even a transgender deserves EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAW? I say no, and my attorney’s say no!!!!!!!

I will be grateful when this 180 day restriction of the Notice of Intent to Sue has run it’s course and we can file the actual suit in the Federal Court. The Notice was officially served on September 26th and the time is flying by quickly. With each passing day I grow stronger knowing that finally the truth can be told in a fair justice system.


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