Statement To The Press

Statement to the Press Given During Interview with NBC

Click on the blue link to take you the word document. It is my actual prepared statement which was read in it’s entirety to the press after court on November, 23, 2011. I am creating a video filmed exclusively by Terry Lemmer all rights reserved, of my interview with NBC. I hope to have it edited and up this week. As much as I would love to post the entire video at one time but I am limited to 10 minutes on YouTube so it will be broken down into segments.

Thanks for the outpouring of support from everyone.


Hot Off The Presses

Below is the link to my interview with WJHG NBC News in Panama City. Be sure and watch the video and then read the comments below to see the ignorance that surrounds this entire story. And we thought I got hate mail before. Also read the comment from Wallee posted on my blog, at least I have one positive supporter whose comment should be approved and on the news station page very soon.

Stand Up, Shout Out that all humans deserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.