Transgender Female Erica Kay Sues State of Florida for Gender Discrimination

Below is the link to a recent interview for Associated Content regarding my pending lawsuit. The Panama City News Herald has had this story for weeks, yet has not run the story. Do they think that the good citizens of Panama City wouldn’t want to know that their government is being sued? Or could it be that we have an election coming up and the people involved are running for re-election? Regardless of their actions the story is going out globally and is certainly news worthy. Thanks for the incredible outpouring of support.

One site that has picked up the article referred to me as a rabble rouser who is trying to start another Stonewall Riot on bigotry. You darn right I am if that’s what it takes to finally see full equality for the transgender community in our country. I am one who will not be silenced or give into hate, violence, or discrimination in any form. It is a shame that in the year 2011 ignorance of an internationally recognized birth condition should still be labeled as a mental disorder and that we should be treated as freaks not deserving of equal protection of law.

Please tweet and post this link to keep the story going until the News Herald is forced to print a relevant news story.

Our entire community appreciates your support.



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