Attacks of Prejudice? Stand Up, Shout Out

It is when we sit idle at the hands of those who want to oppress another human that power for destruction is given. Many times we witness injustice but because it doesn’t affect us directly we do nothing. This is what happened in Nazi occupied Germany and because of it millions of Jews were killed. Silence in itself is deadly.

Each human has their own personal struggles in daily living and it’s impossible to know the pain of another. I have learned to remember my own personal pain when watching another struggle and remember that regardless this is another human who is hurting sometimes silently. It’s easy to feel that way when we lack the power to change a painful situation.

We are our Brother’s keeper and honestly what affects one affects us all and it’s my goal to teach others to take back their power and refuse to tolerate injustice in any form. As a leader I must first lead by example.

In my own life I have taken back my power and am using it to create change in every possible way and leave this life a bit better than when I came. I am holding fast to my belief that our constitution was created to guarantee us the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and when I focus all my attention from a loving peaceful place great things can happen.

Sometimes, it’s easier to stay angry and desire revenge for the injustice in our world. That is our choice, but another choice also co-exists and that is also our choice. I choose the path of peace yet remain strong in my desire to see the change I wish to see. I have become the change I wish to see.

I ask you to use every opportunity to stand up against bullying in our schools, and to join me with determination to stamp out discrimination whenever and wherever it exists.

Every year around the world transgenders are brutally murdered for a highly misunderstood birth condition. Prejudice is taught in the home and the behavior of bullying is carried on from one generation to the next. It begins with the education of our children.

On November 20th I will return to my beloved San Francisco to speak at the Unitarian Universalist Forum dealing with bullying in our schools. As a survivor myself of suicide attempts my heart breaks every time I receive the news of another child who has taken their life to escape the unneccessary pain from the abuse inflicted upon them from ignorance.

Support a True Human Rights Amendment to the Constitution and maybe then we can begin to see a lasting change. At 61 I have lived through the Civil Rights Movement which became very real to me when my family moved from California to Georgia. I remember our journey through the south and recall the signs “Whites Only,” posted everywhere. Can you imagine living that kind of life?

All humans are worthy of their right to dignity and should be protected from anything less than full equality. Transgenders are a necessary element in the evolution of mankind and deserve the same protections.

Stand Up, Shout Out, and help stamp out prejudice. Please follow this site by clicking the follow button on the bottom right of your screen.



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