Many times in life we have witnessed incredible determination and courage before victories ever arrived. Nelson Mandela stood strong in his belief in Equality and refused to give in. He was inprisoned for over 25 years yet he would not surrender to the powers that were in place. He refused to sign anything resembling a guilty plea. Over and over again he was approached with offers which would have required surrender on his part, refusing each and every time.

In my situation which is so small in comparision to the struggle’s he faced I look at his life and am inspired every day by the life he’s lived. Once it was realized that he would never surrender he was finally released and went on to become President. To him the love for his people and the unseen possibility of freedom and equality was the light at the end of the tunnel. How he managed such courage in spite of the prevailing odds against him, I will never know? Could I give up 25 plus years of my life in prison? Yet in many ways today, I remain imprisoned through the fear of retaliation for having the courage to say enough is enough.

It took a very long time for a movement around the world to provide the support needed to see the change which eventually came. In Panama City there must be an overhaul to the injustices which occur almost on a daily basis. The Panama City News Herald in light of the breaking news about my lawsuit and that Notice has been served on the Mayor of Panama City, Mayor of Parker, and the State’s Attorney, yet they have failed to report this story in the news. I have to ask why? If I were a resident of Panama City I would want to know if my city was being sued for Discrimination. Eventually this story will break into the news and when it does, what will the News Herald have to say then. It’s inevitable.

I believe what is greatly misunderstood here is the fact that this suit isn’t about a settlement or money, it’s about discrimination and injustice which must stop. In front of the courthouse is a bronze sculpture of a man who not too terribly long ago was tried in the very same courthouse without representation by an attorney. This was a murder trial with a mans’ life at stake. He was convicted and condemned to death. Somehow his courage to fight back created one of the most important civil rights cases in the history of our country which now guarantees the rights of everyone accused of a crime to be represented by an attorney.

Panama City still believes they are above the law and the corruption of the judicial system is rampid. The effectiveness of the State Attorney’s office is based upon how many wins they can get. It isn’t about truth and justice as one would believe. Through first hand experience I have learned that the criminal law shows reflected on television have no fact in reality.

I am truly grateful to the overwhelming support I receive everyday from not only my family and friends, but from strangers around the world who share in the belief that in order for our world to heal equality must prevail. No one should be left behind, ever

I am asking you to stand with me as I struggle for equality. Today I am strong and steadfast in my determination. Please forward the link to this site to everyone you know and assist in growing the cause and getting this story out. Panama City would love to keep this story quiet and out of the press especially during an election year.



  1. Você é tão certo. Im lá com você. Seu blog é, sem dúvida vale a pena ler, se alguém vem ao longo dela. Im sorte eu fiz porque agora Ive adquiriu uma visão totalmente nova deste. Eu não percebi que esta questão era tão importante e tão universal. Você absolutamente colocá-lo em perspectiva para mim.

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