Okay, Today I finally Broke!!!!!!!

There are days that are easier than others. Tomorrow I am supposed to be walking the Red Carpet in Hollywood but instead I’m faced with another false arrest and am stuck without the ability to have a life. Suddenly my tears and anger broke and left me devistated. How many tears are left to shed. Honestly I am tired.

This story has been blocked by main stream media. Where is my support on such a story? Somedays it seems I am fighting alone without a support network in the fight for equality. Today, Erica lost it to tears and anger of the building frustration. How can anyone do this to another human? They steal my life and portray me as sub-human without a conscience. All the while I refuse to accept a settlement and hold strong to the ideal of changing law so that this never happens to another transgender in the world.

Who is really holding to an ideal? Today I finally broke and allowed my tears to spill. I screamed at God, and everyone else involved. I am tired and admitted I can do this alone without support. I am tired after 15 years of unheard of discrimination as a transgender female.

I am almost broke and have to ask where is the next dollar coming from to support the cause of equality. It’s my dream to make sure that this never happens to another dear human struggling to just be. Somehow, I will muddle my way through, but what about the next, and the next, always clouds my way?

If I accept a settlement then what happens to the rest of us? It would be so easy to say yes, but in good conscience, I can’t.

Today, I have had my pity party, shed my tears, and screamed out with the never ending pain I feel. Yet, I refuse to give in and accept anything short of a true human rights amendment to the constitution for all of humanity. I will remain in my fast until we see the future of freedom for all.

Namaste Dear Ones,

Erica Kay


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