What, me in Runway Magazine?

Good Morning and welcome to my blog. Yes, it’s true. Bound Between Love, The Autobiography and upcoming feature film will be featured in the November issue of Runway Magazine with a full page ad, a video appearance on Runway TV, and me featured on the runway at the next Runway Fashion Show. Sometimes gifts fall from the sky and without warning. This is one that I’m most grateful for.

Life seems to be going full circle. Almost 43 years ago I began my young female life as a model, dancer, and actress in NYC so it is fitting that the first promo of Bound Between Love find it’s way into the top fashion magazine in the world.

The love, support, and friendships I’ve found during this journey are sometimes a bit overwhelming. Not to misunderstand, I am truly grateful and live my life from a gratitude perspective. As I often say: “Life Is Wonderful and everything in it is a form of Beauty.”

I would like to give a special thanks to James Bucelli, CEO Runway Magazine, Bruce Springsteen (Happy upcoming birthday)whose music and humanitarian work inspire me everyday, Steve and Terry Lemmer, Bobby and Linda, Bob and Ranusia Howe, Jack and Linda Mundell; my family, dear friends and supporters, and to my fans. Also a special thanks to my Agent Jennifer Etherton and a hat’s off to Monica Sun ( Bound Between Love Screenwriter @ Shadow Majic Films/20th Century Fox). Each of you have contributed greatly to the success in my life and work to make life better for everyone one who’s lives you touch in this sometimes confusing world. Without your support and an occasional kick in the pants Bound Between Love might have become an unfullfilled dream.

Love To All!!!!!


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